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Natacha Mixmaster & Don PV aka PV

Many changes are being done in the music industry today and we advice artists today to participate on live performances and get involve in show events, which are the best ways to promote New releases and artists today. The digital world can be a challenge but if you keep a performance going it will build huge sells.

We are working on updating our site soon so keep an eye open for the changes.

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* Pass Album by Natacha Mixmaster, which she claim to be her last was release from 2010 is a stunning release with amazing vocals and remix of artists music of PV, Wikid & Steven. This album is Progressive trance & dance with a track from Don PV AKA PV which is hot on the catwalk (Smize)

* Release from DJ Max Korovaev AKA Max Key (La Isla Bonita 2K10), and Natacha last release Album: Running Opposite direction well the leader of Acossi records take a break from music and have other partners take over.

* Acossi compiliation with some serious Electro house
Various Artists Album Title "House of Euro Asia" Vol 1. Featuring artists Erica Lji, The Clones, DJ Marco Morano, DJ Korovaev Max, Halmadaxx & Danny Verda, Natacha (mixmaster) ; Now in iTunes available

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