About Us

Acossi Records looks toward reaching new talents within the Dance & pop market. For the past years they have only been working in climbing the latters to make Acossi a more successful Dance/ Electronic / Pop label. Acossi Records started as an online label, and always used new technology to enhance how they do things. The company was founded by Natacha Lacosse AKA Natasha, has done many electro remixes and released several work of her own projects., now want to give back to create a new venue for talented artist with new sound. "Give real good music a chance"

Acossi will be Distributing worldwide all its product digitally and physically online with online retailers, the way it always did from day one. Since the online finally has catched on to the industry its time for Acossi to go back from the way it always was, but with more resources that has enhance the company that bought it force. We have now partnered with companies for Marketing and promotion beside distribution, to help awareness for labels or artists that is distributed by Acossi these services will be through our partner companies.

Acossi team members and associate are all talented producers, vocalist with the love of new sound.
We look forward to the Future in putting out music that gets people going in different ways.

Acossi Records is an ASCAP Publishing member (Acossi Music), &

Acossi Records was started in 1999 as a online label & offline, but as the digital world expends so does the company. Acossi is located near the New York City area.

Acossi Records Team player / Affilate
Natasha L, & Francis C. AKA Dan Foster,
Robert Keettikkal & Affilated with Galaxy Intl

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